Recently you completed the Mappian network survey. The survey contained a number of questions about you, your contacts, and your relationships with your contacts. The survey was designed to help you better understand what your network currently looks like and identify ways that you can potentially improve and make better use of your network.

Based on your responses to the survey questions, we have now analyzed your network and produced several metrics that describe your network and the broader network of the participants in CourseCode. This report describes those metrics, how to interpret them, and what their implications are for you. The report is customized specifically for you - providing the metrics for your network as well as relating your network metrics to those of the participants in CourseCode. The metrics are not reflective of 'good' or 'bad' networks, but rather indicative of the potential for your network to provide different kinds of benefits.

The survey and this report were designed by Bill McEvily, professor of Strategic Management and Diederik van Liere, PhD founder of Mappian, specifically for analyzing individual contact networks and the broader network of participants in CourseCode.

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