What Can You Do With Mappian?

Teach Social Capital

Mappian is a web-based social network survey tool. It can be used by professors teaching MBA's / master students social capital concepts such as brokerage and closure. Simply upload a list of respondents and the survey is automatically administered on your behalf. Mappian is ideal for a one-day module in a longer running course.

Collect High-Quality Network Data

If your research aims at studying social networks then Mappian can help you as well. Built-in name checking reduces the chance of misspelled names, and other checks make sure that you will collect high quality data. Once the survey is finished you can export the network data in a file format you prefer and start analyzing.

Diagnose Social Networks

For consultants who offer social network diagnosis to their clients and need a fast and high-quality survey tool: Mappian is here to help you! Automated reminders reduce your workload and a clean dashboard gives you up-to-date information about the progress.